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Book 3: Goddess of the waterfall #37

We have made it to book 3 and I am really excited about this one. Full disclosure I know the author and she is a pretty awesome human. Don’t worry, I did purchase the book and will be giving an honest review of it for you guys. The book is a coming-of-age story with a touch of magic involved. What can I say? I am a sucker for a world with a little magic in it!  As usual I have included all of the important book info below.

JewelsAuthor: J. Ahl  Page Count: 431

Synopsis from Amazon: It’s 1995 in the suburbs of Irvine, California; a predominantly pseudo-Christian community of spandex, baseball practice, Xanax and shopping. The key to social survival is to run with the herd. What would the neighbors think? For Jewels Delacroix, this is no easy feat. Jewels had always been a little different, like a hippie born in the wrong decade…But after witnessing two living, breathing people materialize out of thin air, she begins to realize just how different she really is. In an epic tale of prophetic dreams, mystical visions and teenage drama, Jewels begins to question everything she has ever known, leading her on a journey of self-acceptance and magick, while coming-of-age in the most awkward and hilarious ways possible! Enjoy the ride as you experience Book One of the Goddess of the Waterfall #37 series!

~Starting book 3 towards Blanca Peak~



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