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Book 5: The Poet

Well, after the last book I read I needed a change of pace. The Poet is an older book so you should be able to get a copy from your library. It follows a reporter as he uncovers the truth about the death of his brother. To make matters more interesting it turns out that his brother did not commit suicide as previously thought. As usual I am going to place the synopsis below just in case anyone wants to read along with me.

Author:  Michael Connelly    Pages: 510

51J+3sfwMwLSynopsis from Goodreads: Denver crime-beat reporter Jack McEvoy specializes in violent death. So when his homicide detective brother kills himself, McEvoy copes in the only way he knows how–he decides to write the story. But his research leads him to suspect a serial killer is at work–a devious murderer who’s killing cops and leaving a trail of poetic clues. It’s the news story of a lifetime, if he can get the story without losing his life.  

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