Mt Rainer

Book 9: The Cheesecake Fake Review


Star rating: 3 out of 5 stars

If you have been following along with this blog you will kind of catch a recurring theme….5 star reviews are far and few between. For me to give a book 5 stars it has to be special, and honestly a book getting a 3 star rating is not a bad thing. 3 stars  means that the book was good and I would read books by the author again. This book falls into that category. You do not pick up this series if you want to really read a hard hitting murder mystery book. This is more a series for people that enjoy murder mysteries without the need for it to be gritty, graphic, and let’s be honest, a little depressing. I enjoy murder mysteries as much as the next person but sometimes I don’t want to delve into the mind of a killer.

That is what makes me enjoy this series…you get to jump into a world where a murder occurs  and where someone is trying to solve that murder but that is not their main focus. You are brought into Faith’s world where cupcakes, cakes, and pies are her life. You have a store with lovely pale and pastel colors and no real gore is brought into focus. You get to meet all these characters that you will either love or hate. I mean there really is not much of a grey area in this series. The only characters that would even fall into the grey would be the ones that are going to be the suspects in the crime.


  • Once again Faith is pulled into solving a murder but it is done in an organic way. I wasn’t sure how the authors were going to do this, but they pulled it off with ease.
  • Faith’s character seems to be developing a lot more. In the first book we got an idea of who she was but she seemed a little whiney, in this book she seems a bit more focused.
  • They finally resolved the romance issue with Faith’s friend and the annoying sheriff. This story line was pulled in from the last book and I am glad it is pretty much over. The guy was a jerk.
  • Just like in Cherry Sinister Murder there is a recipe in the end of the book. Who doesn’t love that?


  • This con may not be a negative for some people, but it is obvious who the “bad” people and the “good” people are in the book. Some characters are just so obviously not the murderer, it takes some of the fun away.


Honestly, I did enjoy the book. You get exactly what you are expecting from a book like this. You get some funny moments, you get to try and solve a murder, and you get a happy ending. Oh and did I mention there is a recipe in the back? As a baker I love this! I would definitely read the next book in the series.

~Book 9 Complete! Climbing Mt. Rainer has begun~

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