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Book 15 Review: Blue Bloods

Well, hmmm what can I say? I hate being harsh when it comes to books, and I try to keep in mind when they are YA reads…but yeah.

I just really felt like this book could have been condensed so that it could have actually given a satisfying ending. I mean, it seemed like there was a climax to the story and then that was it! There was no real resolution at all. It just kind of was set up so that you have no choice but to read the next book if you want some type of answers. It just really felt unfinished for me. And yes I get it that it was set up as a series, but so was Harry Potter and even Twilight but they managed to tell a full story in each book. This book fell flat for me and I really don’t think I will read the rest of the books.


Star rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

I always fell bad giving a review that is a little harsher, but I am just being honest. I’m sure for some other reader this book might be great, but not for me. It is just a bit upsetting because this book did do a great job building the Lore about these vampires. They were the original settlers in the US and of course they are all wealthy individuals. What set this book apart was that these vampires would go through life cycles…as in they can age but they never die. What happens is that they are reincarnated and when they turn 15 all of this gets revealed to them along with the memories of their past lives! See, that sounds like the start of a great story, except it wasn’t. The author seemed to be a bit confused of the direction the book was going to take and she didn’t really give an ending!

So let’s get into some specifics of the pros and cons of this book.


  • The vampire lore in this book was very unique! There are even diary entries by one of the original settlers/vampires. That really added to the story.
  • The author did a great job creating the mean girl, the new girl, and the weird girl archetypes. A little stereotypical? Yes, but at least we didn’t have an entire book of everyone acting the same.


  • Yes these are affluent teens, but did we have to have so many descriptions of their outfits? Yes, you want character descriptions but this was over the top.
  • We didn’t get an ending. We found out that there is in fact a big bad and that there are angels on earth, but meh. It seemed rush and like the author just suffered a huge bout of writers block. Seriously, it seemed  like all of a sudden a bunch of stuff happened and you didn’t really get a resolution, but you are supposed to be happy that there are more books. NO.


I really was really just major let down. We get it, the vampires are the elite and they all are gorgeous. We don’t need to know every article of clothing that they are wearing. Some of that words wasted on describing the clothes could have gone toward developing a better plot. I just really wish the author could have just focused on the finishing one full piece of the puzzle instead of expecting us to just get the second book so that we could get some answers for the first book.

I was just really let down because she did this amazing job creating this world of high society vampires and actually giving them a different type of immortality. She allowed them to be able to age and then to be able to start their life cycle again etc. There was so much she could have done but she just wasn’t able to pull it together.

~Book 3 of University Peak complete! 1 to go!~


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