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Book 18 Review: Beautiful Creatures

Well, um I tried to give this book a fair shot but good golly, it was rough! I really was expecting so much more from this story. The world that was created had so much potential but it really fell short. I mean this was a very painful read for me. I really do not understand why it was turned into a movie. I’m not going to go into the movie because this blog is about books, but do yourself a favor and do NOT watch that movie.ย  So let me get into this book review.
Star Rating: 2 out of 5

I will admit that I had to force myself to actually finish this book. The only reason that this didn’t get a one star rating was because the lore that was created for these casters (witches) was actually interesting. Unfortunately, nothing else about this story was!

You have Lena Duchannes, a girl who when she turns 16 will find out if she is a light or dark caster. The females in her family are all cursed and they are unable if they want to be a light or dark caster. So that portion of the plot sounds like it should have been interesting, but unfortunately it seemed to be over powered by the horribly written teen romance. I understand that this came out when Twilight was popular, but holy teenage angst. There were other important things in this book but the majority of it just focused on the relationship.

I mean come on, they had shared visions of their ancestors past, yet all they want to talk about is being together and going on dates. There is this magical world but you don’t get a lot of it. Well, you do get some of the lore, but it is sprinkled in between Lena trying to run away from Ethan because she is going to hurt him! Seriously…this happened a lot throughout the book. It. Was. Painful.


  • To be fair I have to say that the lore created for these casters was really interesting. I mean they have shifters, sirens, time manipulators, incubi, but yet they play suuuuuuper minor characters. I wish that this played a bigger part in the story.
  • Honestly, I really don’t have another positive to this book. I wish I could think of something else but I really can’t.


  • The plot was super slow-moving. I mean this book was dragged out much longer than it should have been. There were times I had to force myself to even pick up the book.
  • The main story seemed to take a back seat to the romance between Ethan and Lena. There could have been a million different ways to seamlessly tie together both storylines but nope. It was just awkward and horribly drawn out.

This book was just not the book for me. It was horribly long and uninteresting. There was so much potential here and it just didn’t seem to reach that potential. I really wanted to enjoy this book but it did not make it easy.ย  I honestly have zero interest in reading the rest of this series and I will not be reading anything else by the authors.

~Book 18 complete! 2 Books left to climb for Mount Bona!~


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