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Book 20 Review: Inferno

Well, this was a nice change of pace from what I have been reading lately. Sometimes when you are reading all of these different types of books it is nice to go back to an author you enjoy. I have read 2 of the 4 books in this series and have really enjoyed them, so I figured this book would be just as exciting. Yet, I am kind of just a little bored with this formula. This was pretty much the same story as the others but with a different setting.


Star Rating: 2.5 out of 5
So as usual Robert Langdon finds himself in the middle of something bigger than himself.  And of course, this Harvard professor of iconology and symbology is the only person in the world who can solve the dilemma at hand. I kid you not, that is pretty much the theme of all the Robert Langdon books. There is some crazy thing that occurs and somehow Robert Langdon needs to decipher classic works of art for their clues to help solve the current books problem. In Davinci code it was all about the holy grail, which happened to be the bloodline of Jesus himself.

Honestly, Davinci code was a great book and I enjoyed that one…. Alas, this book seemed to be a little predictable. Somehow Langdon ends up with an attractive female who is incredibly smart and pretty much serves as a sidekick for most of the book. This is very much a formula that has occurred in all of the Robert Langdon books. While it’s nice to have strong female characters, it really just seems like they are used to give Langdon a love interest.

So what was the dilemma in this book? Well, there is a villain, Bertrand Zorbrist, who wants to spread a plague that would help to reduce the world population. What adds a twist to this is that Langdon is from suffering amnesia so he literally has to spend part of  the book trying to remember what he already knew in order to pretty much save the world. Luckily, he has an attractive genius side kick, Sienna Brooks, who is there to help try and jog his memory. To make it more interesting they have a group of men following them and trying to kill Langdon, or so it seems. As usual, things in these books are not what they seem.


  • Dan Brown always does a wonderful job writing about ancient locations and artwork in a way that make you look at them with a new perspective. I mean I have found myself looking up some of the artwork mentioned in the books.
  • The book is fast paced as usual so there is never a moment when you feel bored.


  • Well, while the book was interesting it really just felt like a copy of his other books. It didn’t feel like something new.
  • I personally have a problem with rape or attempted rape being used as a plot device to explain why a female character is weak of strong. I am disappointed that it was mentioned at all.


The book itself was interesting, but it really just felt like a repeat of his other books. While the book was not bad, it certainly was not his best works. If you want to try out Dan Brown and don’t know where to start, I would recommend just reading Angels and Demons or the Da vinci code. 

~Book 20 Complete! Mount Bona has been climbed~

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