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Book 25 Review: The Immortal Circus

So the Immortal Circus is not what I was expecting. I will be honest, sometimes I just pick a book if the cover or title sounds interesting. I like the surprise of finding out what the book is about….yeah I could read the book description but sometimes it is nice to be surprised.  I mean even the cover art is simple and beautiful. The book itself lured my just by the title and cover alone. Oh so let’s get into the review….

immortal circus.pngAuthor: A.R.Kahler   Page #: 224

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

The book starts off with the murder of one of the circus performers. What makes the murder stand out is that she was posed in such a way that it almost looked like she was just posing for the audience. Mab this ring leader/ owner of the circus comes inspects the body and then does something that makes the body disintegrate into dust. Right there was the first touch of magic that you get to see.

The book itself is told from the perspective of Vivienne, the new addition to the circus. Unlike the rest of the crew she seems to be an outsider for the most part. But of course things are never what they appear to be, especially when magic is involved.


  • The characters were amazing. I know I point that out a lot but that is very important. Badly written characters can make or break a book. Each character was fully developed, honestly it could picture myself running into them at a circus.
  • The story evolved from what you were expecting it to be. It was not just a murder mystery, it was a magical war beginning to reveal itself. The focus shifted from the circus to the magical Faye world. At first the shift was weird but it really ended up making sense.
  • There were many unexpected twist and turns in this book. Just when you think that you have something figured out, the rug is pulled out from under you.
  • Mab is fabulous. She is the ringleader and spoiler alert……..Fairy Queen.


  • Vivienne is not exactly my favorite character but the book is told from her perspective. Mainly her out right drooling when ever Kingston was around was so incredibly annoying. It really just did not add to the story and I wanted to just smack her at times. That entire relationship just was very inorganic. It just felt forced and awkward.
  • It was hard to follow at some points, mainly because you thought you were getting one thing and then got another.


I really enjoyed the book and I will absolutely be reading the rest of the series. I need to know what happens with the Mab and her merry band of magical folk. Seriously, I feel invested in these characters and I need to find out what is in store for everyone now that we know there is a war coming. Not only that, but the truth was revealed about Vivienne and just how special she is. I really am hoping that her character becomes much stronger and less annoying. So overall, I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a bit of magic but in a darker sense. This isn’t a light and happy fairytale. This is dark, murder, and manipulation of people’s memories. So if that sound appealing you might want to check this book out!



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