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Book 28 Review: Ghost of a Dream

After the last book I read I figured I needed something totally different. Recently I have read about warriors, thieves, immortals, and I figure it is time to read about ghosts. I found this gem at my local library. Seriously, if you don’t check out your library you are doing this whole reading thing wrong LOL I would be broke without my library. Anyway, I found this lovely book about ghost hunters and thought it would be a fun read. So let’s get into the review!


13515091.jpgAuthor: Simon R. Green    Page #: 295

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5

In this book you have Melody the science/tech genius, J.C their team leader (whose girlfriend is a ghost), and Happy their telepath.  Their mission is twofold in this book. Their first mission is to investigate a missing Victorian Steam train and then later on to  solve the haunting in a theater.

What I really enjoyed besides the witty banter was the fact that the ghosts in this book could in fact hurt the living and that it was their job to stop them. These weren’t you garden variety haunts, these were a train trying to come back to our dimension with its dead cargo, this was a poltergeist ready to kill.  This was so much fun, I could picture it as a scary tv show.


  • I loved their take on the ghost world, and how not every ghost was haunting aimlessly. Some were malicious, others were just saying good bye.
  • I loved that not everything was as it appeared. One moment you thought they were talking to the living and the next moment you find out that they were a ghost! This was fabulous because sometimes there were no hints at all.
  • The ghosts and hauntings manifested in different ways. The ghosts had the ability to not only manipulate the areas they were at, but they were also able to manipulate the minds of those around them.


  • Melody fell a little flat for me. It seemed like they wanted to make her a strong character but she just came off a bit robotic to me.
  • While the story was a lot of fun I feel that the part with the ghost girlfriend just abandoning JC was a bit odd. I understand that it is going to be important in the next books but it felt rather odd.
  • Some of the flirtation between Happy and Melody seemed weird. I don’t get how she can be super flirty one moment and robotic the next.


I really think that I am going to check out the rest of this series! While some parts did seem to be a little slow, I think it’s a pretty solid ghost fighter book. It wasn’t too over the top, but was satisfying.



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