Grave Peril

5 Hoots!

Grave Peril is the third book in the Dresden Files. It follows a wizard named Harry Dresden who works as a wizarding consultant. In other words, he will use his magical talents to help those who are worthy and willing to pay. What I love about the series is how gritty it is. This is nothing like Harry Potter, it is geared towards adults (don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter…Slytherin here 🙂 )

One of the main focal points in this book is how many people hate Dresden and want him dead. In fact, in this book Bianca, the leader of the red court of vampires, hatches a plan to try to force his hand so she can kill him. There is also a ghost/demon/nightmare who spends a big portion of the book trying to hurt the people Dresden cares about in order to kill Dresden. Oh and I can’t forget about his Fairy God mother (it’s not what you think, she is not that kind of fairy) who wants to kill him so she can devour his magic. And those are just the characters in this book specifically that want him dead!

What makes me enjoy these books is how the author has Dresden deal with all of these people that are gunning for him. Dresden is not a happy bubbly wizard, he is rough, blunt, and can be arrogant at times. Dresden puts on a show like he doesn’t give a crap, but inside he is noble and caring. He wants nothing more than to protect innocent people from the bad guys, even if it means protecting them from his own kind.

During one of the battles his friend’s wife was about to get severely injured by this Nightmare demon and he threw himself between them. This woman hates him more than anything, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for her. He was willing to help a vampire he just met, knowing that it could slow down his escape, and there were so many other examples in the book of how he is willing to throw himself into danger to protect others.

Another fantastic aspect of this book is how the author describes the magic/powers in battle. Dresden is able to channel his magic in various ways and Michael (Knight of the sword) wields a sword which might be the “sword in the Stone”, yes THAT sword in the stone. And this sword was also created from the nails of the cross….pretty much Michael brings God into the book. Not in a holy roller kind of way…but as another element of this supernatural world.

I really enjoyed that this book pushed Dresden to feel emotions he never really had to feel before. He felt love, guilt, pain, and so much more in this edition of the Dresden Files. The best part is that there was not this forced happy ending just because it was the end of the book! There was loss, and that isn’t something you usually get. Dresden lost someone very important to him…not to spoil anything but he didn’t get his happily ever after. I cannot wait to see how he bounces back in the next book.

Overall, if you are looking for a mystery book that deals with magical beings this is the book for you. You will read along as Dresden tries to kill the Nightmare that is torturing him and his friends while also trying not to get killed by Bianca. You will see magical battles and have your heart broken along Dresden as he feels the guilt over the lives he has taken. This really was another great addition of the Dresden Files, I will for sure be reading more of them.

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