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Killer Focus ( A Mrs. Avery’s Adventure, #1)

5 Hoots!!!!

I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Copy of this book before it came out and I am happy I did! It is no secret that I love cozy mysteries but all cozies are not created equal. I’m serious, some cozies that I have read were horrible and made no sense at all. This book on the other hand was very refreshing! Piper is a 50 year old woman who sold her business and was trying to figure out what to do next when her godmother made her an offer she could not refuse. Her godmother is trying to revitalize a plaza near the beach and was hoping that Piper would take photos of the area and show case them in her gallery.

While taking a walk and taking candid photos in the town she ends up witnessing an altercation between these 3 men and something in her gut told her to take pictures of it. Later on she ends up going to take pictures of the beach when she notices that someone was laying down behind an umbrella. What made that strange was that it was raining a little bit ago, and while looking closer she realize that there was blood beginning to pool underneath him. That is what sets this cozy mystery into motion.

The pacing of this book was perfect. There wasn’t a moment that I felt like I was getting filler. Every moment built upon itself and I could not put this book down. In fact I ended up reading this book in one sitting! Piper was a smart and clever main character. She was intuitive and very observant which is why the Chief believed that she would be an asset to helping Joel. She knew everyone in the town, so it honestly just made sense that she would help so that Joel wouldn’t give up his cover.

I really enjoyed that the murder was just one piece of the puzzle in this book. Yes, it was the main focus but it lead to them being able to figure out who in the police station was helping out the “bad guys”. It was honestly brilliant how everything came together at the end. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series when it comes out later this year.

If you are looking for a gripping cozy mystery this is the one for you! I actually is available to everyone today! To get your hands on a copy you can visit

Mrs. Avery’s Adventures

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