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Warriors: We all are warriors fighting our own battles

5 Hoots!

I do not normally read poetry but when this book was brought to my attention there was no way that I could say no. Poetry is something that I enjoy but to be honest, I do not read it as much as I probably should.

Just like my book selections, my poetry selections need to be something that pull me in and keep me interested. That is exactly what this collection did. There were so many poems and prose that just spoke to me. They were beautiful and really made you think. Gurpreet separated the book into two parts, the first was about the battles of life and the other was the battles of love.

My favorite poems were actually the shorter ones. Her views on life and love were amazing. Honestly, she seems like the kind of person I would love to sit down with and talk to. If you enjoy poetry this is definitely a book that you should read.

I feel like I am not doing justice to these poems so below I have included Amazon’s link so that you can read a sample.


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