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The 3-day effect

3.5 out of 5 Hoots

The 3 Day Effect is an Audible Original about the effects of nature on your brain. They took veterans, sex trafficking survivors , and a nature hater out in the woods to see how being exposed to nature could help their mental health.

This is not the normal type of book I would read or listen to, but the topic seemed very interesting to me. The audiobook followed Florence Williams as she went with different groups of people into the woods for 3 days to test how their brains worked before and after being in nature. They did some testing before and after their trip and found that there were changes that occurred for each of the members. Their stress went down, their creativity went up, and so did their comprehension.

It was very interesting hearing the stories of these survivors and how being in nature helped them feel better. While I do feel that there needs to be more studies done on this topic I found it very interesting. I personally feel a lot happier when I am outside sitting by a stream of just listening to the birds while I sit and read on my porch. It was interesting to hear that there may be some science behind it. Overall this was a very interesting and short book.


I love reading all kinds of books but have no one to share them with....that was until now. My favorite genre's are: Cozy mysteries, Fantasy, Horror, and thrillers.

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