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Whispered Voices (Storm Voices, Book 1)

4 out of 5 Hoots!

I picked this book after reading the author’s new series Killer Focus. I love the way Victoria writes and when I saw that she had a paranormal cozy I couldn’t pass it up! I love the paranormal just as much as I love a good cozy mystery, so buying this book was a no brainer for me.

In whispered voices you meet Mackenzie Aldkin, a woman who after being struck by lightening was able to hear voices. Not just any voices, but the voice of someone what was after her best friend Peter. At first Mackenzie thought that maybe this voice was a hallucination caused by being struck by lightening but soon she would find out that this voice was real and it was very very dangerous! This point was driven home when one of Peter’s dates was found murdered.

Luckily for Mackenzie she was not alone when it came to facing this new gift that she had. While in the hospital she met Moira, a nurse and healer, who was able to tell her fairy tales from her home land that kind of explained what was happening. Moira also was able to help Mackenzie to learn how to focus and begin to try and use her gift as a form of protection. You see, this voice that she was hearing was not done after this first murder. This voice wanted Peter and was willing to do whatever it took to get him.

With this knowledge Mackenzie told Peter and her uncle, a lawyer, what was happening and they formed a plan to try and lure the person behind this murder out into the open. How did they expect to do this you ask? Well, by having Peter and Mackenzie pretend to be a couple of course! This was actually a very fun portion of the book for me. We got to hear Mackenzie’s internal struggle of her feelings for Peter and also got to feel her frustrations when they kept trying to find the killer with no luck. Just when everything seemed hopeless the voice reappeared leaving you, once again, struggling to figure out who this killer was!

The reveal was perfect. I did have my suspicions and when they killer was revealed I was excited to see I was right! There was even one section in the final confrontation that had a touch of magic! I really enjoyed the magical element in this book and I hope that there is more magic involved in the next books of this series. Oh! and before I forget, there was a magical kitty named Shaylee, she is just adorable and I hope we get more of her as well.

Overall this book was really enjoyable! I really enjoyed how the story unfolded and how the author chose to reveal who the killer was. The relationships between all of the character was great! I love that there was trust and respect for each other. There were no judgments when Mackenzie told them that she was hearing voices. Pretty much, they knew and trusted her enough to know that she would not say something like that unless it was true. The only reason that it didn’t get 5 stars was because there were some slight typos and there was one small portion that I felt went a little slow……BUT that did not stop me from loving this book! Typos happen, I have found them with major published books so that never has a major impact on how I rate the book. This book was a fun and short read, I 100% recommend it!

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