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Small Potatoes

3 out of 5 Hoots

I originally picked up this book because I actually enjoyed the author’s podcast, plus I listen to Small Town Murder (her husbands podcast) and I wanted to show support. What sucks is that I did not love this book. Trust me, I wanted to love it. I really wanted to think this book was amazing but I didn’t.

Yes, there were some funny musings and I got to read about Sarah’s childhood, but it kind of felt disjointed. She would tell a story about her childhood and then the next one would be able her adult life, and back to her childhood. Yes, food was a running theme throughout her stories, but that wasn’t enough to make me feel like it a cohesive book.

Then I kept telling myself that these were a collection of short essays and they didn’t need to flow in a certain way, but I just expected more. It might be an unpopular opinion but I just wasn’t a fan of this book. The reason I gave it 3 stars as opposed to 2 is just because there were funny stories and it was a short read. It is only 63 pages so if you need a book to serve as a pallet cleanser this isn’t a horrible choice. Overall, the book was okay but nothing to go out of your way to read.


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