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The Case of the Air Spell by Amorette Anderson

5 Hoots!

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Penny is also dealing with becoming a vampire. In the last book her boyfriend had no choice but to change her in order to save her life. Add on to that the possibility of having to move and also a ghost asking for her to solve her murder and you have to perfect mix for a cozy mystery.

What I loved about this book was that Penny still listened to her intuition even though all the evidence was screaming otherwise. Penny is learning to trust herself and she is really coming into her own! Yes she still has her clumsy moments and her mouth has no filter but that is why I love her. She is not perfect, she has moments where she is a mess, but she still manages to save the day. Another thing that make this book unique is the fact that she can communicate telepathically with her familiar! Let me tell you right now, you will fall in like with Turkey! He is extremely smart and is extremely helpful in putting clues together. There was even one point in the book where I would venture to say that without Turkey things could have taken a tragic turn!

Overall, this is a delightful addition to the Hillcrest Witch series. Amorette once again breathes life into her characters and pulls you into Penny’s world. I found myself practicing the air spell along with Penny. Everytime I felt a breeze coming in through the window as I read I would find myself saying “Arise” and every time I would feel it go away I would say “gone”. This was the lesson of the book, difficult things may arise in your life but eventually the will go away. This really is one of my favorite cozy mystery series and I whole heartedly recommend that you get this book!


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