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All Too Familiar by Belinda White

5 Hoots!

Can it be? Did I find another paranormal cozy mystery series that I love? Yes, that is correct! All too familiar is about a bounty hunter/witch who is trying to solve a murder in her town only to find out that the intended victim was actually her aunt. Amethyst (she goes by Amie) needs to find a way to protect her family and find the killer before her or she strikes again! Unfortunately for her she was a witch that barely had any magic but that all changed once she found her familiar…or did it?

All too familiar is the first book of the Accidental Familiar series and I plan on following along with this series. As far as cozy mysteries go this series sees to be more on the realistic side instead of on the comedy side. While some of the characters are witches they are nothing like the characters in Harry Potter. They are more like regular women who are magical, think Practical Magic. I loved that Amir is this 5′ 3″ woman who is a fire cracker and is not easily intimidated. She is loyal and knows who she is, she doesn’t really care what other people think. I adore her.

The pacing of this book was fantastic. Everything just had this organic flow and I loved how the twists were revealed. Yes I said twists…there was more than one. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but let me just say that there is more to Amie’s magic, or lack there of, than meets the eye.

Overall, this was a really fun read! I enjoyed every character and every twist thrown my way. The way the magic in this book manifests was done extremely well and there was a perfect balance of magic and crime solving. This book gives you action, some comedic moments, and most importantly a murder that you can’t wait to solve. Honestly, I could see this being a fantastic tv show and really recommend it. You are not going to want to put this one down!


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