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The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn

3.5 out of 5 Hoots

This is yet another book where I just hated the main character but the book was so well written that I had to find out how it ended. Anna Fox has agoraphobia and that is the reason for her spying (let’s just call it what it is) on her neighbors through the window. She goes as far as to google then and have a professional Nikon camera so that she can zoom in and snoop.

One of her neighbors is kind enough to see her struggling outside and helped her back into her house. They had wine (you will find that Anna is a major alcoholic) together, played chess, and this neighbor even drew a picture of her. A few days later Anna hears a woman’s scream coming from her neighbors house so she runs to the window to try and find out what is happening and she sees her bleeding on the floor. Like any sane person she calls the cops and that is honestly where this story begins.

This book is very much a slow burn kind of book. There are a lot of parts that could have been eliminated from this story and it wouldn’t have affected the outcome. We get to hear a lot about her past, her estranged husband, and her interactions with her doctor. The poor man practically begs her not to take her medication with alcohol and that is LITERALLY the only way she takes them! There were a few times where she swallows three or four and washes it down with wine. I will be honest, she was a very troubled woman with a serious drinking problem.

The book does a great job pulling you in when you start losing interest which happened a few times for me. I understood what the author was doing but holy cow, there were a lot of slow parts. Thankfully there were parts that caused me to hang out because I needed to know if she was just crazy. The ending was actually a wonderful twist. It really saved this book for me! I had my suspicions but the way everything came together was extremely well done.

Overall, if you are looking for a thriller that slowly builds to an explosive finale this is the book for you. It really reminded me of the book The Girl on the Train but that book was honestly a little better than this one. This was not a bad book, it just really could have moved a little faster.


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