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Violet by Scott Thomas

5 Hoots!

Wow, just wow. This is the first horror book that I have read in a while that left me feeling uneasy. Just to give you and example, I was home alone and reading this book. My phone rang and I swear my soul left my body.

I wasn’t even reading a section that was particularly creepy, its just that Scott Thomas created this world where everything seemed normal yet left you feeling uneasy. The story follows Krissy and her daughter as she tries helping her cope with the recent death of her father. She decides to take her daughter to the summer house that her and her family would go to when she was a child in order to try and “save” her daughter.

Understandably Sadie, her young daughter, was quiet and withdrawn because of losing her father but instead of letting her mourn she is trying to force her to get better. Going to the summer home was supposed to be a good idea but when they arrived the home was falling apart and almost rotting away. This did not deter Krissy and she decided to try and restore the home as much as she could so that she can make it a happy place for her daughter. But stepping foot into this house set forth a chain of events that would not only make her face her past, it would also leave Krissy fighting for her daughters survival.

Overall this book was fantastic! The characters were written extremely well, they almost came off the page. Thomas brought us from the present to the past and back again flawlessly. Through out the story he tossed out little breadcrumbs for the reader to follow in order to find out the darker truth behind this small town and it just worked! With each clue that he gave I found myself wanting more. This book was so hard to put down and really did an amazing job pulling you in an not letting go. I will absolutely have to read Thomas’ other books! This book comes out September 24th but is already out to pre-order. I am so thankful that Netgalley gave me an ARC copy of this book! Not to repeat myself but I think this book was pretty fantastic!


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