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Switchblade by Michael Connelly

2.5 Hoots

This was a short story that I was hoping would get me into another one of Micheal Connelly’s series but unfortunately this fell flat for me.

I like the way that Connelly writes, in fact I enjoyed his “The Poet” series. It was well written and the main character really just drew you in. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about this books lead character. Bosch gets given a cold case that he has to solve and of course he does, but there was nothing that interested me about it.

Yes, this was just a short story so please keep that in mind. The book series itself may be a lot better but I am only reviewing this short story. The story was pretty straight forward, there was no drama, and honestly not much crime solving. They were given a lead that a man killed someone by the name of Billy and they went and tested the weapon that killed him once again. There was an attempt at a twist but it just seemed so obvious, and everything was just so straight forward. Overall, I just really didn’t find this story compelling enough to pick up the rest of this series. If you want a great thriller by Connelly just go and check out The Poet.


I love reading all kinds of books but have no one to share them with....that was until now. My favorite genre's are: Cozy mysteries, Fantasy, Horror, and thrillers.

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