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It’s Been Waiting for You by Rod Karn

5 Hoots!!

Trevor finds a summer home that him and his family can rent at an extremely discounted rate as long as he agrees to make repairs to the home himself. Considering he lost his job and would not start teaching until after the summer, this was a deal he could not refuse!

The only problem is that there is something seriously wrong with this rental and only his wife Cassie notices it. At first it is just minor things…a butterfly with the shape of a skull on its wings, creepy shadows in the halls, boxes upon boxes full of beer caps, and a woman starting at their house in the middle of the night with a can of fuel in her hands, but then things begin to get worse. Something was seriously wrong with the house and the locals were reluctant to share the history of the house with Cassie. That is until one woman decides to share the house’s dark history with her…unfortunately that begins a chain of events that would change Cassie’s life.

The first thing I noticed about this book was that Karn used very small details that would make you feel uneasy. For example right in the beginning the family cat got out of the car and started acting strangely by not wanting to go in the house. Then, Cassie started seeing shadows in the background but she pushed them aside because she thought they were a manifestation of a past trauma. So, just when things begin to get creepy you get told everything is fine, that is until the carpet gets pulled out from under you. There were several delightful twists that gave the story a even darker edge and I loved it. I pride myself in figuring out the endings of books before I get to them and I was pleasantly surprised by how this one ended.

Overall, I think this book is a gem and I absolutely recommend it if you are looking for a horror book. This one will leave you on the edge of your seat and you won’t want to put it down. This book definitely gets the Owl’s Book Nest seal of approval.


I love reading all kinds of books but have no one to share them with....that was until now. My favorite genre's are: Cozy mysteries, Fantasy, Horror, and thrillers.

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