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Izombie by Chris Roberson & Mike Allred

4 Hoots

Sometimes reading a graphic novel can be a nice change of pace! I will admit, I chose this one because I did watch the tv show. Unfortunatly the tv show couldn’t hold my interest but the graphic novel did.

If you are expecting this graphic novel to be the same as the show you are going to be disappointed. The only similarities between the two are: the female lead is a zombie and she does receive memories of the person whose brain she ate. That is pretty much it. Even the main characters name is different! Unlike the show there is a were-terrier, a ghost, vampires, and hunters of the undead….oh and a mummy guy (well in this volume at least).

Of course there are other side stories going on to try and make things interesting but honestly, for the beginning of a series it wasn’t bad. The vampires were a fun side story, the were-terrier was adorable and so is his crush on Dylan. And the ghost girl? She was a bit spacey but sweet. I will definitely give the series a chance.

I will point out that there was nothing really special about the artwork. I did like that the human form was drawn correctly. There were women with unrealistic breasts etc, so that was a plus. And I also really enjoyed the way that the illustrator showed that Dylan was having a memory from the brain she ate. They chose to illustrated this by showing part of Dylan’s face as a fully decomposed zombie and the memory flash was done in black and white. It was very interesting.

Overall, the comic was decent. The artwork was nice and the concept is a lot of fun! I mean, it will be fun to see what Dylan decides and what other flashes we see from other brains. The monster hunter story line is going to be interesting especially since it looks like there may be a romantic story line in the horizon. I am just really interested in what is going to happen with the coven of vampires! I feel like that is going to breath some life (no pun intended) into the series. So that is why this comic got a 3.5 rating. It was a neat concept and I think there is a lot of potential in this series.


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