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Relatively Familiar by Belinda White

4.5 Hoots

Book 2 of the Accidental Familiar series did not disappoint! In fact, now I need to read book 3!

I was finally able to get a moment to write this review! I was really hoping to include it in my October write ups, but now it is just going to be my first post in November. If you aren’t familiar with this series it is set in a world where witches and magic are a regular part of the world. In order to get a license to do witchy things as a profession you needed to get a license and of course there are laws that witches my follow. Amethyst is an aspiring P.I and she happens to be born to a family of witches but as far as she knows she has zero magic, but getting a familiar can help you get a magical bump. (For a full review of book one click here.) Anyway, she finds a cat in a shelter and decided to break him out and make him her familiar. Little did she know that he was actually a witch who shifted into the form of a cat and now she was magically bonded to him! To make matters worse he was hiding because he was currently wanted for murder but he swears he is innocent!

Book 2 starts off with the events that set this whole mess into motion. It begins with Arc finding the body of his friend in his home and the magical alarms of his home going off. This is a major deal because no one can enter Arc’s house because of the strength of his protection spells and yet someone got in and left a body! This entire sequence really set the tone for the rest of the book. Amie and Arc go to his home town to try and connect with his family and get help proving his innocence. This new cast of characters really ends up adding some humor to the series.

Amie does her best to use the resources she has to try and find the Killer to prove Arc’s innocence. I really enjoyed how Amie was able to stand her ground against the witchy higher ups investigating the murder, especially when it could have had bad repercussions for her. What I loved the most was seeing the different elements between her and her aunt. It was humorous to see her trying to hide when she runs into her aunt. Imagine being a bad ass one moment and then being totally frazzled the next. We also finally get to meet Amethyst’s mother! Talk about some family drama. When Amie and Arc’s family joined forces to prove his innocence it seemed like nothing could go wrong…again, seemed.

I don’t want to give away too much of the book but let just say it really does end with a bang (insert giggle here) and another major twist! Overall, I really enjoyed this book but I really think it is important to read the first book in the series before picking this one up. Yes, the author tried hinting at who everyone was but it could be confusing for new readers. Plus a lot happened in book one that were crucial to things that occurred in this book. White does a great job making her characters fun and likeable. I really had no problems picturing these characters sitting around dinner and having a good time. In this book we got to see a little more how the magical law enforcement worked which was also very interesting. It added another layer to this book. Another thing that is making me rush to get book 3 is the twist at the end of this one! If you are a fan of paranormal cozy mysteries check this one out!


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