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It’s Not What It Looks Like by Molly Burke

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I will admit, I had no idea who Molly Burke was before I selected this audiobooks. As I have mentioned in the past, I enjoy listening to audiobooks on my commute to work and Audible was giving this one away for free so I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did!

Molly Burke is a very charismatic young woman and I get why she would have a huge following on YouTube. She was funny, relatable, and did a fantastic job telling her own story. She allowed us a glimpse into what it felt like for her to blind. She explained dating, feeling isolated, the processing for getting her guide dog, and so much more.

I feel like I actually learned more about the blind community than I did before. I always assumed that there would be plenty of resources in schools etc that would help blind students but never realized that it might not be the case at all. A school’s funding can have a major impact on if there are enough resources to hep a blind student. That seems insane to me, but apparently this is a reality for blind students all across our country. This was pointed out when Molly explained that she only really knows level 1 braille because her school couldn’t afford to have someone teach her level 2! To give you an idea level 1 would be the equivalent of basic words…level 2 would be full sentences. Imagine not being able to learn to read because your school couldn’t afford to teach you! That is heart breaking!!

Overall, the audiobook was very interesting. It was a very short audiobook, only 3 hours long. It was very informative about some of the struggles that individuals in the blind community have to deal with while also being uplifting. These are very heavy topics that Molly spoke about but she did it in a way that didn’t make it a downer. She was funny, bubbly, but also made sure that you learned something. I can see why she is a professional speaker. If you are a fan of hers, and even if you are not, I think this audiobook is worth listening to.


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