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Rise of the Gorgon by Galen Surlak-Ramsey

4.5 hoots

An action packed and humorous page turner!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if the Greek Gods existed in present time? Well, apparently I am not the only person who has thought about that because here we have an amazing book that gives us a picture of what that would look like! The Goddess of love creating a dating app? Ares owning the NFL? Why the heck not? But what happens when the things from ancient myths come back to haunt them?

At first we are in Elysium with Euryale (Medusa’s sister) as she tries to hunt a chimera before Perseus (yeah THAT Perseus) and his hunting party get it. Unfortunately for Euryale she can’t kill him for revenge BUT she can certainly embarrass him, and that she does! Anyway, back to why I adored this book! All of the characters were amazing. At first I thought Aphrodite was a bit annoying but her character development was amazing. I was happy to see that the female characters were just as strong in their own right! Euryale and Aphrodite weren’t just there for Alex and Ares to save them….they were out trying to solve the riddle of who was trying to over throw the gods and destroy the world!

The pacing of this book was excellent! I will admit the first couple of chapters were a little slow, but once the big bad was introduced it was nonstop fun. I loved meeting the different gods and creatures in this book and I enjoyed the back and forth between Aphrodite and Euryale. You have this amazingly gorgeous goddess and a gorgon literally stuck together for a portion of the book. In the beginning I hated Aphrodite and how she treated Euryale, but things change for the better.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and was glad that even though it was book 2 in the series, I didn’t feel lost. There were times that I did laugh out loud and moments where I had goosebumps. Let’s just say there was a moment where a monster was charging at Euryale’s twins and what happened next had me on the edge of my seat! And of course after those events were over there was a moment of laughter. It was a lot of fun stepping back into the world of Greek myths and legends. They were my favorite stories growing up and this book did a great job reminding me why. If you are looking for a fun and adventurous fantasy novel with Greek Gods, this is the book you are looking for.


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