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Roses of May ( The Collector Book 2) by Dot Hutchison

5 Hoots!

Wow! This was an amazing and gripping page turner!

Have you ever read a book that just left you in a reading hangover? I still can’t believe how good the ending of this book was!! Okay, before I get ahead of myself let me tell you a little about the book. The Roses of May is book 2 of the Collector book series and if you have not read The Butterfly Garden yet, please read that before this one! You could pick up this book and read it first but I feel like you would miss the importance of some of the experiences.

Hutchison is masterful in the way she builds her main characters. In each book you have a young woman that is strong and not willing to give up. I must warn you that these books can get dark and may trigger people who have survived with sexual assault. In this book there is a killer who targets young women and girls that he views as pure. He kills them before they have the opportunity to “lose their purity” or just after they do. Every year he finds a new victim and after murdering them (and sometimes raping) and positions there bodies in a church with specific flowers around them….hence the floral title.

The book itself is written in three different perspectives: one of the investigators, the killer, and Priya the 17 year old sister of one of his victims. Priya and her mother are written so incredibly well, they are both so strong and smart. Priya lost her sister to an insane killer, he father to suicide, and still managed to not break down into a million pieces. In fact, when the different flower bouquets starting arriving at her door she didn’t freak out, instead her and her mother began to plan….I don’t want to give anything away too much but the ending was amazing.

Hutchison makes all of her characters incredibly relatable…minus the killer of course, because who can relate them. The portions written from the killers perspective made you feel uncomfortable and sick. I will admit that I was able to figure out who the killer was before it was revealed in the book but the truth about him blew my mind. Right in the beginning you read about the first murder he commits and it sets the tone for his other murders, but the significance of the first murder was a lot darker than I imagined. The other characters in the book are written equally as strong. And as an added bonus she even includes some of the characters of the first book in this one!

Overall, I loved this book and I was barely able to put the book down! The only reason I put it down was because I had to go to sleep for work, but you better believe I came home and finished the book off! Yes, this book was about a serial killer but honestly it was about more than that. It was about the survivors of trauma, how people heal and don’t heal, and how sometimes the justice system might not always give justice. This was a masterfully written thriller and if you love thrillers with strong female leads this is the book to you. BUT I will say this again, the book has some parts that can be triggering so please be mindful of that.

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