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Turkey takes the Christmas Case by Amorette Anderson

4.75 Hoots

Delightful. Whimsical. Fun. What can I say? I love Turkey and loved that he has his own little story told from his perspective!

Are you looking for a short Christmas cozy that features magical creatures? Well, look no further because this is exactly what you are looking for! If you have been following along with my blog you will see that the name Amorette Anderson pops up often. She is one of my favorite indie writers and her Hillcrest Witch series is just delightful. In this installment we aren’t focusing on Penny’s adventure though….we are focusing on Thomas Edison Fullbright or as Penny prefers to call him, Turkey.

Yes, you read that correctly! This book is told in the perspective of Thomas/Turkey! The book starts on Christmas day when Turkey goes downstairs to find his yearly gift, a catnip toy mouse. Unfortunately for him, the person that makes these gifts was behind schedule so she didn’t have them ready for Christmas morning. Turkey was heart broken, but Penny explained that there was a chance that he could get his favorite toy at the town’s Christmas party!

Just when Turkey thought he was finally going to get his toy, disaster struck. The truck that housed his most favorite toy in the world was stolen! Turkey had no choice but to solve this mystery, along with Blueberry Muffin the Chihuahua, in order to save Christmas. I cannot even begin to explain how fun it was following these two around. Turkey was smart and great at solving clues while Blueberry was sweet and very helpful. Seriously, this book was just freaking adorable!

Overall, I loved this surprise Christmas themed side story. We got to meet these charming familiars in the Hillcrest Witch series, but this is the first time a mystery was solved by them alone. They were both very smart and brave. I will admit, the book had me chuckling a few times. I love the light and whimsical writing of Amorette, it always puts me in a happy mood. For the next few days this ebook is free on Amazon so if you are looking for a cute Christmas read get it now! It took less than an hour to read this short story and it really put me in the Christmas spirit…and made me want to eat chilli but that’s another story. This side story is a must have for any Hillcrest Witch fan!


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