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Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost

4.5 Hoots

Guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. A wonderful beginning to a new cozy mystery series!

I am doing my best to get in the spirit of the holidays and this book seriously helped! in this book we are transported to Mistletoe, Maine a quaint town with lovely people and a fun Christmas tree farm named Reindeer Games. Yes, I kid you not these are the names of the town and setting of most of this story. Annnnnd the main character’s name is Holly and there is a delightful character named Cookie too. Seriously, if this doesn’t scream Christmas I don’t know what does! Oh wait, did I mention that the tree farm also has 12 days of reindeer games which they hold every year and some of the games sound super fun? I am pretty sure that if this place was real I would be driving there right now!

The title of the book kind of eludes to the fact that a murder occurs in this quaint little town, but there weren’t 12 of them. Unfortunately, the victim was a crabby old lady from the historical association and one of the main suspects was Holly’s dad! So not only does Holly have to deal with coming home because her engagement was called off, but she has to deal with her family being suspected of murder! Then to put the icing on the cake, her family was not allowed to open their tree farm while the police were investigating! So, Holly takes it upon herself to try to prove her family’s innocence by finding the real killer.

What I loved the most was that even though there was a murder being solved it didn’t take away from the Christmas feeling. There was a ton of food, cheer, and fun Christmas themed games. Yes, Reindeer Games (the tree farm) lived up to it’s name. There were actually a couple of Christmas themed games that they played that I really want to play with my family! It just seemed like it would be so fun to live in this town during the holiday season. Of course everything wasn’t all happy and cozy….there was a murderer on the loose after all. The closer Holly got to the truth the more dangerous it became for her family and their business.

Overall, I really just enjoyed this book. The characters were fantastic and the pacing was great! It was a quick read and really just ticked all of the boxes for me. It had that holiday feel, Holly did great detective work, and the police were actually very useful. In some cozy mysteries the cops are always so far behind they are barely relevant, that was not the case here. I wanted a book that let me feel the holiday spirit but kept my interest and this was definitely the right choice! I think I will need to get the second book in the series 🙂 !

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