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Curses and Candy Canes: A paranormal Christmas Anthology

4 Hoots

A fun collection of Christmas cozies with a magical twist!

I am glad that I left this book as my last book for “Christmas Reads 2019”! This book starred 15 different author and many of them I haven’t heard of before! I will admit, what initially drew me to this book was that fact that Amorette Anderson had a story in it based on her Hillcrest Witch series. She is one of my favorite indie writers so I really didn’t want to miss out on her work. I am glad that I decided to get this anthology because I got to find out about other authors that are just as fantastic!

It’s no secret that I love cozies and paranormal stories, so this anthology was right up my alley. What was a lot of fun was seeing how each author created the rules of their world. In one story there are necromancers, in another a group of friends who became witches, you have families who were witches from birth, and just so many different combinations. If you are trying to dip your toe into paranormal cozies this is the book to try. It will give you a good idea of the writing styles of different authors and most of the them have their own series! Pretty much you are getting sneak peeks into their collections but with a holiday twist!

Just to give you an idea of the kind of stories you are going to find there are walking snowmen and a missing Turkey in one, the case of a stolen goat in another, and a stolen magical globe of luck in the next. While these stories had witches in common, that was pretty much where the similarities stopped. Each author created their own world and allowed that was a lot of fun. Some of the worlds I plan on revisiting again because they were really well written, others were good but just okay. Overall, for a collection of stories I really did enjoy it. Again, it was a fun series and a great way to get to know other authors.


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