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Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis

3 Hoots

An interesting approach in the self help genre, but some things were a bit problematic for me.

Initially I was really excited to read this book because it was recommended to me by several people. When that happens the book has to be good right? Plus, I needed suggestions for book 2 of my New Years Resolution series so why not? It was popular enough and was categorized as Christian Self Help, what could I lose? While there were some good points in this book there were some very good points in this book I can’t really with a good conscience give it a higher review and I will explain why.

Rachel does an amazing job coming off as if she is your regular every day down to earth person who has faced many struggles of her own (her brother committing suicide) but there are times where she really doesn’t send the right message. Early in the book she is talking about this man that she was dating and ultimately took her virginity, and how horrible he treated her. He was basically using her as a booty call and not really caring about her as a person. I mean, the way she described him was not great….so much so that she finally had the courage to leave him. Only then, he realized that he was wrong for how he treated her and apologized etc etc and now that is her husband. That just did not strike the right note for me. Someone reading this book might go “hey maybe there is hope that X will one day treat me better” not the best message. I understand that is her story but not everyone will be so lucky.

Later on she also discussed weight loss and some of what she said made sense. You should treat it like an appointment and follow through with it. That I can agree with, if you make time for it you will most likely do it. What I didn’t agree with is that she made it seem like if you missed these appointments you made to yourself you aren’t trust worthy. That was just odd. But I did persist and continue to read the book.

There were absolutely weird moments in this book that I just couldn’t relate to, like setting a goal to buy a $10,000 purse. At the same time I understood what she was saying…give yourself a goal and try to reach it. She also in her own way was trying to tell the reader to put themselves first once in a while. I absolutely can get behind that idea. But she also seemed to associate success and God’s favor with receiving material things and success.

Overall, this book did have some good concepts even though there were weird portions in the book. She really did try to come off as a normal woman just like everyone else…but it was obviously clear that she is not. Her story is the exception, not the rule. Did I feel that this book should be categorized as Christian self help? While she did use a few Bible verses she definitely took artistic license with it and ran. I am sure there are other books out there that might be more aligned with what you would want from a self help book with a religious perspective. Personally this book just didn’t check all the boxes for me. It was interesting enough, but I just could not connect with it.


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