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The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams

5 Hoots

Fast paced. Captivating. The book left me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

It is no secret that I adore this series! I find it so comforting to read about these 4 women, the friendship they created, and the lives they lead in this little town. When I found out that I was receiving an ARC copy from Netgalley I was floored. I really thought I would have to wait to find out what was next for the Secret, Book, & Scone Society (SBSS). Luckily, the netgalley gods threw me a bone!

In this installment we are back in Miracle Spring when the rain just would not give up but neither would the tourists. There were so many new people in town that the books and shelf enhancers were just flying off Nora’s bookshelves. Of course, she needed to go to the flea market to try to replenish her store’s shelves and that is where she will meet someone who she will not soon forget…especially since she finds their dead body a few days later.

Obviously, I do not want to give much away about the book since it comes out the 28th but yes there is a murder…and Nora is determined to help find out the truth. That is what I love about this series, Nora doesn’t get involved in solving these murders because she wants to be an amateur PI, she does it because she genuinely cares. Her friends are the same way too. They put care packages together for families that they know are struggling or for the young widow. These women are the reason that I love this series so much. I wish they were real. But enough of that…back to the book!

In this book we get to meet a new group of characters, so it is not surprising that some of them become suspects. And thanks to these characters another mystery was added on top of that of the murder…the mystery of a secret diary found in the town’s inn. It might sound like there are a couple of weird things going on but Adams tied them together seamlessly. With every page you are given clue after clue tying everything together, but just when you think you solved the murder bam! something else pops up. Questions like who is white t shirt guy, what is red bird, and is the inn tied into it really just leave you guessing. The answers to each of these questions lead to a wonderful conclusion!

Overall, I loved this book! It is absolutely Owl’s Book Nest approved! It kept me guessing, introduced us to new friends (Sheldon is amazing), and gave you an ending that was very surprising and sweet. Plus, it gave Miracle Books a new face lift and hope for more books to come. If you are looking for a mystery that will leave you guessing, this is the book for you!


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