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Case of the Happiness Spell by Amorette Anderson

5 Hoots

A delightful end to a wonderful series. My greatest wish is that somehow in the future we can visit Hillcrest again.

All good things must come to an end, and this series is no exception. The Hillcrest witches are completing the 13th cycle and that means that they will be full fledged witches once it is complete. Anderson was kind enough to let us join the coven on their journey, but that journey has come to an end. So, how was the end of the series?

Well, to be honest it just as good as the rest of the books in the series and the ending was exciting. There is a part of me that hopes the ending will just start a new chapter of this series, but maybe that is just wishful thinking. In this edition we are following Penny as she tries to find out who attacked the director of the local drama club. Apparently there was plenty of motive for trying to kill him including him destroying the classic Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, he called it Ramona and Julius and it was about an accountant and an insurance agent. When you add that, plus him being a tyrant, and a drama queen the list of people that would want to kill him was pretty high.

When he came to Penny’s office she was unsure if he was just trying to get attention, but when he threw $600 on the table she had no choice but to take him seriously. Of course the best way for Penny to try and keep an eye on him is by being part of the play! This was where a lot of laughs came from! While there were a lot of entertaining moments there were also serious topics that were addressed as well. Plus, there was in fact a murder that occured later on in the book as well.

Overall, what can I say? The book managed to find balance between the serious topics and the light hearted moments. We were also given a chance to see where our lovely ladies are headed in the future. This made me very happy because after 13 books you feel connected to these characters and really just want them to be happy. And boy, does their future look like a lot of fun sooooo maybe we can get a spin-off? As I mentioned before, this was the perfect end to a wonderful series. If you are looking for a paranormal cozy mystery series that will make you laugh at times, but still provide a wonderful mystery element this is the book for you!


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