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Tragedy of Me by Rebekah Purdy

4.5 Hoots

Spellbinding. Brielle is the kind of protagonist that every young girl (and young women) need! She is smart, strong willed, and willing to fight for what she deserves.

Tragedy of Me is the sequel to the book Legend of Me and follow Brielle, a young woman who was cursed by magic. In the first book she had to deal with finding out the truth about her curse and finding out who she truly was. Everything was going wonderfully for her and she was about to receive her happy ending…that was until the voices and the torn up body appeared. Was the curse truly broken or was she still cursed?

Imagine thinking that you are finally free to accept your happy ending and then having the carpet pulled from under you. Now, imagine the person pulling that carpet is someone you loved?! I don’t know about you but that is something that would leave me just a little broken. Brielle on the other hand picks herself and forces herself to keep moving. Is she scared? Yes, but she doesn’t give up. Without a second thought she decides to help her friend save his brother (who happens to be trapped in a magical portal) knowing that her own life could be at risk. Add to that, the fact that she is now in possession of a very powerful book….AND the fact that she is being followed by someone that wants her dead. I mean, what more could she possibly take? Oh wait, there was also the death of a loved one. Yup, poor Brielle just can’t catch a break.

Overall, I loved going on this adventure with Brielle but I need book 3. This book did a wonderful job picking up where the last book left off and setting up the next book. There was enough heartache and action to keep you interested, but it did move a little slowly at times. I did love that Brielle was not going to be told what to do by her fiancรฉ, and that she was willing to pick up a sword and learn how to battle. Don’t get me wrong, she was skilled with a bow already but I felt that learning to wield a sword really set her apart. In the first book she proved that she was not a damsel in distress, but in this book she became a true warrior. That is such a wonderful message for any young girl/woman to read. If you are looking for a fairytale where the maiden saves herself you need to check out this series! Oh and FYI the book is officially out today!


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