The Good Twin by Marti Green

4.5 Hoots

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to change your life by having more money than you could even imagine? Would you jump on this opportunity? What if it involved murder?

Would you be willing to pretend to be someone else for millions of dollars, even if it meant that someone would be killed? This was the main question that the Good Twin seems to ask. For me, the answer would be no freaking way! I think Karma would get you in the end, but of course not everyone would feel that way.

In this book Mallory Holcolm, a waitress and aspiring artist, is given the opportunity to change her life, but could she accept the cost? Mallory spent her whole life believing she was an only child until one day she finds out that she had an identical twin that was adopted at birth. She decides to find her sister’s address and meet her, but instead she meets her sister’s husband Ben. Instead of Ben helping her meet her sister he convinces her that her sister is a horrible and selfish person. He even convinces her that her sister, Charly, is only waiting for her adoptive father to die so that she could get her greedy hands on his fortune. This horrified Mallory and made her wonder how her sister could be so heartless.

Now that Mallory’s heart is broken Ben decides to make her an offer that he believed she couldn’t refuse. He proposed that he would have Charly killed once her father died and that Mallory would take her place and then they would divorce months later and split the inheritance 50/50. Would she take this offer? Of course she would, but that is not where this story ends.

One of the things that I enjoyed was that the book was written in the perspective of Ben, Mallory, and of course Charly. It was very interesting getting to know each of these characters and seeing what motivated them. Ben of course is motivated by greed, *insert sarcasm here* shocking! Mallory on the other hand really just frustrated me. She was supposed to be the kind, down to earth girl, but ends up convincing herself that she deserves Charly’s money. You read that right! She thought that because Charly was a mean person and she was a good person, clearly she was owed this money. That was so bonkers to me! And lastly we get to see things from Charly’s perspective, which turns out to not be what you expect.

Like all good thrillers there needs to be a twist that leaves you shocked and this book is no exception! In fact there were two major moments that left my mouth a gape! Marti Green was masterful at drawing the reader in and trying to put you in the shoes of his characters. While I was shocked at Mallory’s quickness to agree to her sister’s murder it was not surprising. Especially once you were able to really see what her reasoning was behind agreeing. Did I agree with it after that? No, and I still didn’t like Mallory any better but I understood why she chose to agree. The perspective that was the most surprising to me was that of Charly. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot so I will not get into why, but I will say that it really makes you go “yup they are clearly related”. I mean good golly!

Overall, the pacing of this book was great! Even when it switched perspective I didn’t feel like there was any “filler”, everything that was written just helped propel the story forward. I could not put this book down, I really just needed to know how it ended! The book was a fantastic thriller and the only reason it did not get 5 stars from me was that some things that occur did not seem very realistic. Honestly, it was the way Mallory handled some situations. I know she was supposed to be a bit naïve but come on! Some of her actions were not relatable to me. But any how, if you enjoy thrillers that keep you on your toes, this is the book for you!

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