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Cut and Run Audible Original

4 Hoots

I loved this audiobook. Dark, funny, and had me laughing out loud! D’arcy was pure magic.

Did the fact that D’arcy Carden was one of the voice actors in this audible original influence my purchase? Yes, I loved her in The Good Place and I just feel she is pure gold…and she was certainly pure gold in this. I mean when one of her lines are “I’m amazing, he’s just a man” you know you are in for a good time!

Cut and run was a short dark comedy about two kidney thieves and one victim who changes the course of their future. Samantha (the seductress) and Abe (the surgeon) have their routine down to a science. Over the years tons of cheating men have found themselves in a bathtub full of ice thanks to this dynamic duo. They even have a person in place who will call the ambulance 30 minutes after they leave, but this time something went wrong! The guy that was supposed to make the call left before calling the ambulance, potentially leaving the guy to die. Thankfully, Sam couldn’t get rid of this nagging feeling and went back to the hotel and got them to call an ambulance. So happy ending right? Wrong, this was just the beginning of our story.

So what did I think? Well, I think it was a lot of fun! The story was entertaining and had me laughing out loud at parts. The voice actors were great…okay there was one voice actor who I really disliked. I won’t say who it was, but she wasn’t annoying enough to get me to dislike the story. And then there is Meg Ryan, the narrator, she was fantastic. Plus, the audiobook is very short so it was easy to put it on and listen to it while I cleaned! Yes, I listen to books while cleaning…multitasking at its best LOL. Overall, if you are looking for a short audiobook and like dark comedies you have to give this one a try. It was funny, fast paced, and the ending was a bit unexpected. I am really glad I gave it a try!


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