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Rest, Relax, Run for Your Life by Katherine H. Brown

4 Hoots

A wholesome cozy mystery that has you asking yourself “who is leaving these threatening notes?”

I will admit, this is not the type of cozy mystery that I normally read mainly because there wasn’t a murder. Instead, this is the type of cozy mystery that I would expect to find on the Hallmark Channel and to be honest, those can be enjoyable too! In this book you meet Piper and Sam, the owners of a bakery and they won a week at the local church’s spa. Yes, you read that right! The church has a giant spa that is open to the community and is used to help the victims of human trafficking. That fact alone made this book stand out to me. The book is very light-hearted but it did not shy away from discussing a very real topic.

So where do I begin? The book is written in a way that made you feel like Piper was sitting down with you, eating a dessert, and just telling you everything that happened. I adore Piper! Piper is a woman after my own heart. Her mind is always focused on food and I love her for it. She is just such a laid back character and I found myself laughing out loud several times because of her. I mean, she freaked out because she didn’t understand what to wear at the spa and how to relax! She was actually getting stressed out at the idea of relaxing! Then there is her best friend and co-bakery owner Samantha. Sam is actually from a wealthy family and always colors her hair wild and crazy color just to drive her mother crazy. These two are certainly an interesting pair.

The story itself is a slow burn. Little by little Piper starts to realize that someone is seriously trying to hurt her. At first she didn’t really take the notes too seriously but then strange things started happening to her at the spa. Little things began to go wrong during the spa session, I don’t want to give anything away but lets just say there were snakes involved. As everything unfolded I could not figure out who the person threatening her was, or why! That was the exciting part! Brown kept everything a secret until it was time for the big reveal. Once the “bad guy” was revealed other things fell into place. But it didn’t end there, just when you thought everything was over there was one final twist.

Overall, this was a good cozy mystery. I was very wholesome and as I said before this could totally be on the Hallmark channel. There was even a portion in the book where the pastor said a prayer. I also appreciated that there were resources in the back to help spot victims of human trafficking. The author took a very serious topic, took time to shed light on it, and managed to keep the remaining story incredibly light. If you are looking for a cozy mystery that is on the sweeter side I really recommend this one!


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