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Accidental Thief by CJ Davis

3.75 Hoots!

A fun read for any fan of role playing games.

Okay, so this is one of the books that you may not enjoy unless you have a slight understanding of RPGs (role playing games).The reason I say this is because there is a focus on the character sheet and the stats through out the story. In the beginning of the story the character sheet was read a lot because his stats were changing fast due to him gaining xp. It was a little annoying to me too and I enjoy RPGS.

So now that I explained that small piece of the book I want to focus on the story. In this book Hal is living a normal and boring life until he buys this game (it’s actually a magical item) that brings him into a game (again…not a game just a magical realm). Right away he gets blamed for a murder and has to figure out how to survive and navigate this world. He goes on an adventure trying to free the citizens of this region from the rule of the wardens and as he accomplished more quests, the more skills he unlocked. This is what helped make the book more interesting. Each quest brought with it new challenges and also new potions etc. It really made me want to play some dungeons and dragons!

Overall, this book was actually very interesting. It felt like I was sitting there watching (well reading…but I swear books feel like movies to me) a game unfold. The beginning of the story was a little slow while Hal figured out the “game mechanics” but it did get a lot better as the story progressed. There was a twist in the book as well, but really it was not a surprise at all. I enjoyed the jokes that were in the book and it really was pretty entertaining. I definitely will be reading the next book in this series. If you enjoy RPGs and are looking for something to read, check this one out.


I love reading all kinds of books but have no one to share them with....that was until now. My favorite genre's are: Cozy mysteries, Fantasy, Horror, and thrillers.

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