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Ghosted in L.A by Sina Grace

4.5 Hoots

Volume #1 was interesting, inclusive, and a lot of fun. I cannot wait to read the next issue.

Graphic novels really are a guilty pleasure of mine and I really enjoy finding new ones to try and get into. I have been reading comics since I was a little kid. Seriously, if I could get a dollar for every time someone told me that “girls don’t read comics” I would probably be rich! Anyway, enough about me lets talk about this beautiful piece of artwork! The story follows Daphne as she moves to LA for college and then has her whole world turned upside down. She originally moved out there to be with her boyfriend but things did not go as planned at all. She fought with best friend, was hated by her roommate, and oh yeah ended up moving into a haunted house!

What I enjoyed was that every issue was it’s own story. Yeah they rolled into the next one, but you were satisfied with the conclusion of each issue instead of having a cliff hanger at the end of every one. The beginning was a little slow at first but it did absolutely pick up speed. Really, part of the slow start was due to Daphne trying to find herself and as we all know that takes time. And no, she has not figured out who she wants to be yet, but I think the ghosts are going to really help out with that. How does she meet them? Well, by breaking and entering into an abandoned complex to take a dip into their pool. Of course this gets the attention of one of the ghosts and she comes out to say hi. This almost scares the life out of Daphne, but then she asks them if they will let her stay!

So that is a little bit about the story in a nut shell. I love that in these issues we began to find out a little bit about the ghosts, what their special abilities are, and of course got to learn more about Daphne too. The artwork was fantastic as well. The characters really were drawn beautifully and their styles reflected the time period of when they lived. And another this that was exceptional about this comic was the diversity that was represented in it! You have LGBTQ+ characters, bi-racial couples, and people of different faiths (Christian and Jewish)! It is always wonderful when writers take the time to create all kinds of characters instead of making them all the same. It also addressed some serious topics like sexual identity and assault. No, Daphne was not assaulted but that was only because…well I won’t spoil it, but it was done very well. Overall, I really enjoyed this comic and plan on reading the rest of the series.


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