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Cauldrons and Cupcakes by Sara Bourgeois

3 Hoots

A witch, a ghost, a murder…and a mystery solved by someone “off screen”.

I will be honest, I really struggled to even give this book 3 Hoots. It is not every day where you read a mystery book where they mystery is not solved by your main character. I mean, the elements were there for the character to try and piece together what happened. She was literally trapped in a hotel with everyone that was at the party during the murder and yet nothing. She was just kind of there worrying about buying clean underwear from the hotel (I kid you not that was part of the story) and she also had to deal with two ghosts who were also not related to the main story.

It just didn’t seem like the author had a clear vision on where she wanted to take this story. The only thing that was really made clear was that the author really really really wanted you to know that the two main characters were the good guys. Seriously, they wouldn’t even use their magic to create light because of not wanting it to fall under personal gain, and yet they had no problem going into the “guest witch supply closet” even though they werent really guests. And I am still really salty about them having to deal with two ghosts and neither of those side stories having anything to do with the main story! And one last thing, the main character repeating that she was a witch and was the scariest thing in the dark got old fast. I mean, if there was more action and any of this was used towards solving the crime that would have been one thing, but it wasn’t!

In fact the person who actually figured out who the killer was, was the “bad witch” who was her backing rival. Yes, she solved it for her selfish reasons but still SHE solved it and we didn’t get to see how. Basically she announced she knew who the killer was and then went missing….only to be found by the “main character”. I don’t know guys, but when I read a cozy mystery I want to be in the thick of it and putting the clues together with the main character. I don’t really want to be just another guest at the party wondering what is happening.

Overall, the book was okay but not for me. There are so many paranormal cozies out there where you can solve the mystery right with the main character instead of sitting on the side lines. If you are looking for a witchy cozy mystery I recommend the Hillcrest witch series by Amorette Anderson or Cookies and Curses by Rosie Pease to just name a couple. There are just many options out there that will leave you feeling a little more satisfied. And like I said before, the book was okay just not for me. This book might be more suited for someone looking to start getting into cozy mysteries but not really ready to try to figure out who the killer is. The book was very light-hearted which was nice and it gave you a glimpse into the main characters every day life. Did murders occur in her life daily? No, and that is okay! She has baking and her business to worry about. So if that sounds appealing to you check this book out.

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