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Mist Across the Waves by Victoria LK Williams

5 Hoots

A sea witch. A shipwreck. And a murder, oh my!

We are back in the wonderful world of Pearl Island but this time Morgan is ready for Cora. The book starts off focusing on a Morgan helping to plan a birthday party on a party boat. If you read book one you would know that the whole concept of being on a boat is not Morgan’s idea of fun considering there is basically a sea witch that wants her dead.

Once the celebration started happening everything was great until they noticed a suspicious boat out on the waters. Jenny, being the officer that she is, went onto the boat to see if anyone was in distress and ended up finding a large pool of blood. Who owned this boat? What happened to this victim? And what does it have to do with a seas witch? Well, I cant give you all the answers or else it would spoil the book! But what I can tell you is that the boat belonged to a salvage company who was searching for a lost shipwreck. And as for the sea witch? Well she just loves toying with the lives of the people on this island. But I promise that is all I am going to say on that because I don’t want to give too much away considering the book doesn’t come out for a couple days.

So instead of giving key points away let me tell you why this book received 5 hoots! First off Victoria is a master storyteller. I have read a few of her series and she has a way of just drawing right into the story. This book is no exception, you feel like you are right there with Morgan on this beautiful island solving this crime. Her characters are fully fleshed out and in this installment we got to see Morgan’s magical abilities become stronger. You would be surprised how powerful controlling mist can be. And do not get me started on our cute kitty names Misty who clearly is magical as well and you cannot convince me otherwise!

In this book you get to see Morgan learn more about her own family history and just how evil Cora can be. How can one mermaid’s heart be so evil that she sees nothing wrong with destroying the lives of the people on this island. Yes in the classic myths sirens did drag men to there doom but there is something more. And yes Morgan’s ancestor did chose a different mermaid over Cora, but was that really enough to cause her to try and kill generations of his bloodline? Apparently! and I cannot wait to see this final battle! Cora may be strong but it seems that Morgan is also getting stronger as well. Add to that the new information Morgan learned regarding her mother and you have a battle in the making like no other!

Overall, I loved the book. I had a hard time putting this one down, thankfully it was short enough that I was able to read large portions of it in a sitting. I enjoyed the mystery about the shipwreck and finding out where it really was. It was honestly a little treasure hunt wrapped within this story. The addition of a new partner for Jenny was great. It was interesting to see the group have to work with an outsider without revealing the mystical elements involved in this murder. Will he find out about Morgan’s powers? Will he stay as one of the group? Only time will tell! If you are looking for your next cozy mystery series to read, this one is it! I do recommend starting with the first book in the series just because it really sets up who these characters are and why they care about this crazy sea witch.

This book is available June 3rd and you can preorder it here πŸ™‚


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3 thoughts on “Mist Across the Waves by Victoria LK Williams

    1. I loved the book. It has easily become hands down one of my favorite series!!!! My mother is patiently waiting to get her copy on the 3rd. She said it will be her treat for when she gets home from work! πŸ™‚

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