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The Witch’s Heart by Iris Kincaid

5 Hoots!

It isn’t every day that you read a book where the person’s magic is literally inside of them…I’m talking the magic is found inside their organs. I’m talking about a life changing organ transplant! Yeah, this is definitely a different kind of spin on magic.

Margo was going to die unless she received a new heart. Lilith is a powerful witch who was murdered and whose body if just laying there in the hospital. What do these two women have in common? Well, nothing until a surgeon decides to risk his own license by illegally harvesting Lilith’s organ’s. His heart was in the right place (no pun intended) but he did not fully understand what the consequences of his actions would truly be. Yes, the people who receive these organs will be save BUT now they will be magical. Not only that, but just because Lilith is dead does not mean that she is gone. In fact, now she is on a mission to try and see which of these recipients are going to be strong enough to find her killer.

So, let’s talk about the world that was created for this book. First, people are aware of witches but most witches do not flaunt it. Other witches are like Lilith and take justice into their own hands and make “bad guys” disappear. How cool is that? Secondly, I love that the witch is magical! Magic is literally in every part of their body and isn’t just something they harness. And to protect magic, after a witch dies the other witches try to get rid of any magical trace left behind in the witch’s home. They also try and take care of the body, but as I stated…there was a surgeon who changed the rules. Now, as for the book itself there are 2 mysteries that need to be solved. The first mystery is obvious…who killed Lilith. The second mystery gets introduced a little later and involves a different murder. One of these does not get solved, but that is part of what makes this a series. It will get solved eventually, but not in this book. Think breadcrumbs…this first book will give you the first breadcrumb you have to follow to solve the mystery.

The characters development in this book was very well done. Margo went from being quiet, reserved, and was literally preparing for her death her entire life. Ever since she was a little girl she made sure to have a will. Everything she bought she made sure her sister would look good in it because she would be the one who would get it after her death. She even didn’t get to enjoy being intimate with anyone because she could never elevate her heart rate. If you could imagine a boring person with barely any personality, that is Margo. After she receives her heart she finally feels free and starts stepping into the person she was always meant to be! This new heart gives her a new life…and of course it gives her magic!

One day she runs into someone from her past being arrested for murder and she decides to help him. Let’s just stay, that is what sets the mystery and magic learning into motion. Does Margo end up finding someone to help her learn magic? Technically no, Lilith does because remember she is still a ghost that is hanging around planning revenge. Does magic end up saving Margo’s life more than once? Yes! Is it obvious who the killer is? Not really! As with many books there is of course an unexpected twist that leaves you surprised. I had a lot of fun reading this one! Overall, this was a great read and I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.


I love reading all kinds of books but have no one to share them with....that was until now. My favorite genre's are: Cozy mysteries, Fantasy, Horror, and thrillers.

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