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Mist by the Lighthouse by Victoria LK Williams

5 Hoots

Williams really stepped it up in the installment! I was on the edge of my seat! And who is this new little girl and why does she know so much about the Seavers?

I am so excited to share this review with you guys. This book was release yesterday and it is just so good! If you have not gotten a chance to read this series, you really need to. This cozy series focuses on Morgan Seaver and her battle to protect Pearl island from an evil Sea Witch. This time the island is being used for drug trafficking and an innocent woman was caught in the crossfire! Can Morgan figure out who is smuggling drugs on the island and destroying the reef in the process before Cora attacks again?

Right from the first page I was instantly transported back to this beautiful beach island and was horrified to find that a group of kids found a package full of drugs on the beach. To make matters worse a woman was murdered when she stumbled upon a diver involved in the drug trafficking. Add to that a new islander trying to commercialize the island and harass Morgan and you have a story that is going to keep you busy and refuse to let you go. I will be honest, once I picked this boo up I could not put it down. There were just so many elements to this story and Williams balanced them all beautifully.

Every single one of her characters just feel so incredibly real. Whenever the character of Yvette would come into a portion of the book I would cringe. She was just such an annoying person and she was trying to ruin to single handedly ruin the beauty of the island. Seriously, she even had it in for the peacocks!! Then these was the addition of Cordelia, this adorable little girl who seems to know a lot more about the history of the island and the Seaver family. Is she friend, foe, or something entirely different? Then you have the incredibly wealthy Art Dealer who is friends with Yvette who certainly was interesting in his own way. Yup there is definitely a lot going on in the island this time around.

Overall, I loved this book. This entire series had jump to the top of my favorite cozy mysteries list! I love the mermaid lore, the magical power, the kitty, and the way Williams just slowly reveals information about the islands past. With every boo she writes I am left wanting more, that is part of why I inhale the books when I get them. We get little glimpses about Cora and Kenya’s past…..AND we get more information about what happened between Cora and Morgan’s mother. Plus with every single book you find yourself amazed by Morgan. If you are looking for a cozy mystery with a mermaid twist, this is the book for you!


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