The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

3.75 stars

What would you do if you found out that someone in your family was a monster? Would you keep that secret? That was a question that kept popping up in this book. The story starts off with a horrific family murder and a dark secret. Sometimes in Horror books the monsters are really just evil people, other times they are literal monsters. So which is it in this book?

I will admit that this is not my favorite book by McMahon, it took me a long time to get pulled into this one. It seemed to tease you with the beginning and then slowly (and I do mean slowly) it started to reveal the full story. The story itself jumps from present time, to letters written by Sylvie, to the 50s, and then finally to when Amy, Piper, and Margo were young girls. What is revealed is not just one secret, but many that spanned many generations. So before I get into why this book only got 3.75 stars let me explain what I enjoyed. The were written incredibly well! Even though the book was told by various voices it was easy to tell who was who simply by how they were written. I will admit though, Rosie was my very least favorite character. Seriously, from the start I thought there was something wrong with her. I also did enjoy the way McMahon described the creepy motel and everything that was happening. It just was not enough to keep me interested for long periods of time, at least not until the end. That was when everything seemed to go incredibly fast.

So what did I not enjoy? For a while things were just moving so incredibly slowly. Seriously, I took days between reading because it just was not intriguing at times. I really just needed the story to get to where it needed to go. The last portion of the book really stepped it up but it was not hard to see where the ending was going. The ending is actually what allowed me to give it this high of a rating. Overall, the story was interesting but it could have been a bit more entertaining for me. If you are looking to really get a good feel for McMahon’s writing I would recommend “Winter People” over this book, BUT this was still an interesting book.

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