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Can You See Her by S.E Lynes

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Can you see her is a thriller that will leave you wondering what you would do if you knew that no one was around. Would you take risks? Steal? And ultimately, would you commit murder if you knew that you probably would not get caught? I would like to think that most people would say no, but that was not the case in this novel. Someone did think that they would never be caught …and many lives were lost because of that reasoning.

The story follows Rachel as she recounts all of her interactions that spanned several months and several murders. At first she would have seemed like your typical mother, wife, and just generic face in the crowd. In fact she was so plain that people began to not even acknowledge her existence. This lead to her believing that she may have actually started to become invisible, and this thought emboldened her. She began to steal little things to see if she would get caught and of course things only began to escalate after that! All she wanted was to be seen instead of ignored, so she began to take walks, be bold, and meet new people and she was starting to feel a bit better until she saw a news report showing the murder of someone she was talking to the night before. She tried to rationalize that she could not be involved, but she blacked out and could not remember what happened. She pushed that thought aside until it happened again. And again. Was she actually killing people and not realizing it? Were the memories of those nights real or just the imaginings of someone who was depressed?

I really loved the style in which this book was told. The majority of the story was told by Rachel as she confessed to Amanda, a forensic psychologist. Other portions were told by Amanda, and other parts of the book are interviews with Rachel’s family and friends. This allows the reader to get a full picture of Rachel and what her life was really like. It also forced the reader into trying to figure out if Rachel was actually capable of committing these crimes that she was confessing to. It was like the reader was part of the investigation itself instead of just reading about it. That really just added an interesting level to this book. Another feature that I loved was the way that the author slowly reveal what was actually happening, and then of course threw in one final twist!

Overall, this book was incredibly enjoyable. It really was thought provoking and incredibly entertaining. She made Rachel seem like such an underappreciated and kind person, it made you wish that there was another explanation to the murders. And let me tell you, when the full scope of what is happening is revealed it will be jaw dropping. It also made you question what you could be capable of if you were invisible. Would you remain a “good person” or would you give into your darker desires? So, if you are looking for a psychological thriller that will pull you in and make you feel like you were solving the case along with the police, this is the book for you!

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