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A Killer’s Wife by Victor Methos

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jessica Yardley had to face the horror of knowing that she feel in love with and had a child with a murderer. Fourteen years ago he was locked up and she thought she would never seem him ever again but now a copy cat killer is on the loose. Jessica gets asked to help with the investigation but little did she know that she would have to face her darkest fears.

Imagine spending your life with someone only to find out that they were hiding a dark secret! Jessica did manage to overcome that struggle and moved on with her life until her friend asked for help solving a crime. At first she was reluctant but then realized that if she didn’t help more innocent blood would be spilled. As the clues started to fall into place a horrible truth cam to light, this killer might be a cop or someone in law enforcement. Unfortunately, the actual truth was much much darker than that.

What I loved about this book was that it was not just about finding out who the killer was (this happens about halfway through the book). This book took you through the court case and the ways that the killer tried to manipulate the system in order to get away with murder. Jessica is an intelligent prosecutor but because of the fact that she was a woman and too close to the case they tried to block her from trying the case. This was crazy to me because she was clearly the best person suited to try this case but it didn’t matter. In fact she was even told not to gather more evidence and to just hand papers to the attorney and clean up the courtroom when he was done. The outrage!

Thankfully that did not last long and she was able to take the lead and try the case! I was spellbound by the way Methos wove this story together. I was so confused where the story was going to go once they caught the killer, I did not realize the twists and turns that would occur after this. There was so much more to uncover and piece together! Even when I thought everything was figured out there were more layers to uncover! Seriously, it was riveting!

Overall, this book was brilliantly written. I found myself getting angry when they treated Jessica like she was incapable of trying the case even though she was the one that found the evidence. I was angry when they tried saying she was emotionally unstable because of what happened with her husband. I mean, yeah, I would probably fall into a depression too if I found out my husband was a serial killer. But it was so satisfying seeing her finally try the case. She played the game exactly the way she needed to in order to get the jury to arrive at a guilty verdict. BUT that wasn’t all! The last 2 chapters reveal a major secret that I really did not expect. If you are looking for a great psychological thriller you need to pick this one up!

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