Demon Harvest by Patrick C Greene

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is officially spooky season and I am enjoying reading all things spooky. That is why I was so excited when Netgalley approved me to receive this book. The citizens of Ember Hollow are once again haunted with madness and murder. Will all of the characters survive until the end? Would we see shape shifting creatures, good and bad witches, demonic jack o lantern monsters? Why yes, yes you will! So let’s get into it!

Patrick Greene certainly knows how to set a scene! You introduced to each of a our characters in what would initially appear to be a pretty mundane way, only to have it turned on its side. For example, to women traveling in a car going through the town talking…pretty normal. But then they have to pull over so that the older of the two can projectile vomit evil black goo. Or two men hunting….but then that turns into them hunting something supernatural. It really just set the tone of the book because just when you think you know something, BAM, it’s something else. Another tool that Greene used expertly was jumping from present time to the past. We got to see the bloody origins of this town and why evil was so prevalent there.

I loved the creepy feeling that the book provided. I could absolutely imagine it becoming a movie or mini series. I found myself hoping that Maisie (a young witch) would figure out that Violina was not a good guy. I was holding my breath that Pedro wouldn’t become a mindless killer. I also hoped that when everything was said and done, that Ysabella would not have to sacrifice herself to save the town. So, if I was so invested in these characters why did it only get 4 stars instead of 5? It was the pumpkin goblins. The pumpkin goblins were pretty creepy, but the whole vomiting pumpkin goblins? They were throwing up in order to create more goblins. This just kind of struck me funny. And that entire sequence with these goblins just hit a little differently than the rest of the book. I mean you had slit throats, blood being drained from bodies, mind control…..and then you had vomiting pumpkins LOL. Yeah it seemed a little funny to me, but hey it lightened the mood at least. Overall, this book was a nice spooky read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to add to their spooky reads list!

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