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The Séance in Apartment 10 by Ambrose Ibsen

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A young woman get’s a run down apartment while she goes to school. The faucets leak, the lights flicker, but at least Tori had a place to live. Everything was going fine…well as fine as it could go until her and her friends decided to play with a Ouija board. So, you know…things start to get really shady after that, but of course they would.

To say that this book was good is a bit of a stretch for me. It did keep me interested enough to read it which is why I gave it 3 stars but that is honestly a bit generous. It was an average book with an average storyline and a mediocre ending that attempted to end with an ominous tone. I tried really hard to like the characters, but they just fell a little flat for me. I can’t go into detail about where it fell flat unless I give a few spoilers, you have been warned.

**Spoilers ahead, now is your last chance to stop reading**

You have Tori, the main character, who is a college student who is trying to finish school as quickly as possible to  lift the burden off of her dad. She finds a dirt cheap apartment to live in during the summer so that she can take additional classes and in the beginning everything seems ok until….they have a séance in the apartment (hence the book title). This causes one of her friends (well not really HER friend, but someone her friends brought) to end up in a coma. The other 2 friends of course freak out and try to convince her that she needs to leave that apartment, but she can’t afford to leave.

Suddenly, odd things start happening in her apartment and she ends up waking up in the apartment above her own. Of course this is the apartment of a woman who just happened to be a witch that committed suicide. This is an important fact because apparently this woman originally released the evil that is in the building. This evil thing begins to torment Tori and apparently this woman’s spirit tries to protect Tori….why you ask? I guess guilt because she released the thing? I am really unsure and the author never really bothers to explain.

Long story short her friend in the coma wakes up and tells Tori that she needs to stop the evil spirit. They go to the apartment try to fight it, it pretty much has them dead to rights but the witch’s spirit saves them and the building catches fire. Honestly, a bit of an unfulfilling faceoff between the girls and the evil thing.

Then the story fast forwards to Tori completing school, having a roommate she liked, and being all happy. Then of course the roommate surprises Tori with a Ouija board and Tori freaks out. The roommate apologizes and leaves the board on the couch and the planchette moves by itself and points at Tori insinuating that the other side is watching her. It was just all very cliché.

Again, it was interesting enough but I really felt like this was more of a first draft of what could be a very good book. Unfortunately, that was not the case and I was left wishing that there was more to it. I guess if you want a fast read give it a try, but don’t expect a super creepy or satisfying book.

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