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A Waffle Lot of Murder by Lena Gregory

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When I saw this book on NetGalley I put out a prayer to the book gods that I would be able to scoop this one up! I mean it was about a haunted fall festival and of course delicious waffles! Two things that I absolutely love! And the best thing is there was a recipe in the back! So this weekend I will be making myself some pumpkin spice waffles!! But anyway, this is a review about the book, not the recipe in the back, so let’s get started!

Gia is the owner of the All-Day Breakfast Café in Boggy Creek, Florida. She was missing her old life in New York and when given the opportunity to have a table and haunted house at the festival her best friend jumped at the opportunity to say “yes” for her. What better way to stop missing your old traditions than to start new ones? The only problem was that when she went to look at the festival area the organizer, Barbara, was no where to be found. So they did what any person would do…call the person! So when they called they heard ringing and followed the sound until the found the phone but still no person. That is when things start becoming a little strange. Another festival participant agrees to show them around and while they were inspecting what would become their haunted house they heard sirens. Yup, you guessed it Barbara’s body was found on the property. To make matters worse, while Gia and her friend were walking around they saw a shovel with what they thought was fake blood….but when the police arrived the shovel was missing. So clearly the killer was on the property and close by.

Seeing as Gia was at the scene of the crime and she lived in a small town, news traveled fast and the next day her shop was full. People were hoping to get the latest gossip about what happened and what Gia knew about the murder. Of course, this works both ways and Gia was actually able to find out some information on the victim and potential motivation for murder. Can you say, blackmail? Gia tries her best to not get involved in solving this murder but things clues kind of start falling into her lap. Then things take a personal turn when one of Gia’s friends get attacked. Gia had no choice but to find out who was behind the murder and behind attacking her friend. She throws herself head first into this case and even ends up chasing someone in the woods and even coming face to face with a killer.

The author did an amazing job making you care about each of the characters. Gia and Savanah’s friendship was everything! Harley was a delightful man and I hope that he eventually becomes part of the community again. And the rest of the characters were great too. The pacing of the book was perfect and I really found myself wrapped up in it. Lena Gregory made sure to give the reader enough clues to keep them interested without giving away the ending. The twist at the end was actually pretty pleasing because it was kind of hinted at but then there were a few red herrings sprinkled in. There definitely was an “I knew it” moment when the final reveal happened. I also enjoyed that we found out what happened after the arrest and we got to see that the festival did happen. Plus, did I mention there was a recipe? The book was almost perfect! The only thing that was that while I loved the focus on friendship at parts it was on the verge of being a bit cheesy. Either way the book was very enjoyable and I plan on reading more by this author for sure!

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