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healthy as F*ck by Oonagh Duncan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As part of the new year I usually post different types of self help (or self development) book reviews every week. This week we are going to talk about this little gem. Healthy as f*ck takes a no nonsense approach to health and exercise. But I will admit that there were moments the did make me cringe a little. Honestly, at times it reminded me of a mother trying to connect by trying to act “cool.” I think that maybe the book would have been a little better if the author wasn’t trying super hard to be relatable. The information was good and I really think that it didn’t need a gimmick.

I did choose this book because of the fact that it would be a little more edgy but the cursing felt shoehorned in at times. It might sound weird but you can kind of tell when a curse word just doesn’t fit into a sentence and I kind of felt that way a lot. Thankfully the cursing was not the main reason I picked up this book! I wanted to see if there was an practical information that could be applied to someone wanting to make some changes and there was. This book told the reader that it is okay to do little things and that sometimes half-assing something is better than not doing it at all! I mean, how often are you told it is okay if you don’t do your half hour workout as long as you do something. Seriously, how wonderful to hear someone say that health and fitness is not “all or nothing”.

There was also some great advice about how to improve your eating habits. No, no diet’s just making better choices. Though as someone who does have major problems if I eat gluten, I disagree with her when she insinuates not eating gluten is a choice. For me it is not a choice, gluten causes me physical pain if I eat it….but that is another story. Again, there was still a lot of practical advice that the layperson could use to motivate themselves to make positive changes.

Overall, I did enjoy the book and found the information very useful. I have actually written some of the advice in my bullet journal so that I can refer to it later on. If you can make it past the awkward moments where the author tries to be “the cool mom”, it has great information. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely… but I would warn them to look past some of those cheesy moments. Looking for a self help book to kick you in the pants? Start here.


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