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Watch how I soar by Giannis Milonogiannis

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The tv show Firefly was one of those shows that was just so far ahead of its time and was cancelled too soon. It has such a cult following and I must admit, this show has stuck with me. So of course I own the comics, funko’s, action figures, game, etc etc. So, I finally got my hands on this comic and was really happy to the the direction that they took this one in. This comic mainly focuses on their pilot, Wash. So if you are a fan of Firefly this is a nice comic to pick up so that you can get to know his character better.

I rate the comics from the Firefly series a little differently. Pretty much I rate it depending on if it would have easily fit into the universe and if it captured the essence of the characters. Watch how I soar did a wonderful job capturing the essence of Wash. It really felt like the character lifted off of the page, it was almost perfect. The artwork on the other hand was really extremely loosely based on the character. I mean, they had similar features to the actors, but not really. That is why it did not get 5 stars, the artwork in a comic really matters. Anyway, back to the story itself. We were given a few stories in this collection, but two stuck with me. One was the story of Wash’s childhood and the other was the future that never was. I loved seeing Wash and his father, it really let you see how poor Wash was growing up. But most importantly of all, it let you see where he got his toy dinosaurs. The second story that really tugged at me was seeing Wash interacting with his daughter. If you know anything about the series you will know why this part tugs at your heart. Their interactions, the way her personality was a wonderful mixture of Wash and Zoe, the story itself was just perfect. It really made you long for that story to have actually happened.

Overall, this graphic novel hit all the right notes as an addition to the Firefly series. Hopefully the daughter we met in this comic is the one getting the new series this year. The artwork itself was not bad, it’s just that Wash and Zoe didn’t exactly look the way that they were supposed to. It was like seeing generic characters, not the ones that I loved. But again, the stories were fun and it really was a great addition to the series. If you are a fan of Firefly definitely pick this one up. If you have never heard of Firefly but enjoy Sci-fi got watch the series and then the movie Serenity…thhhhen read this comic 🙂 Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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