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The rebel’s Runes by Amorette Anderson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Rebel’s Runes is book 5 in the Marley the Witch series and I really love the way the Amorette ties magic into the series. Yes, the book is set in a magical retreat, but the victim’s and killers of this series don’t always have a magical background. The victim in this book is someone who was taking part in the retreat and was found dead by the river. The murder weapon? A rock that was found in the coat of Raven, the runes teacher. Of course this would be a problem for Marley if her guest instructors were killing her guests, so of course Marley needs to find out the truth. So how does it go?

Well, Marley does her best to figure out what truly happened all while having to deal with other problem’s in her retreat. There was magical mischief going on because of a separate storyline that has been running through this series. I will admit that I wish there would be a final resolution to the Sarin story line (i’m sure that in the last book there will be) it is kind of dragging a little for me. I think it might be because I just need Marley to make a decision instead of going back and forth on it. Just stand up and be a strong witch! Don’t waste your talents! But let’s get back to the primary focus of the story…the murder victim. Apparently she had a famous brother and she was about to write a tell all book! So of course there was plenty of suspicion to go around.

Overall, I think the book was fun and I always find it satisfying when we get to see Marley interact with ghosts. I feel like it gives the reader a chance to find out information they could not have found out otherwise. There were plenty of fun twists in the book and thank goodness that her fellow witches were around because she actually almost die in this one! I’m always happy when we get to read about the original crew appearing in the book. As usual Amorette gave us another installment for her Marley the witch series and soon it will be coming to an end. Whenever I pick up the series it feels like going back to my home away from home. And the ending? Well, I was surprised by the way everything was tied together. If you are looking for a cozy mystery this is a good one, but I still think I prefer the original series better.

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